Topaz Texture Effects Comparison – SOOC -vs – Lightroom Basic Adjustments

Well today is day 6 of my Topaz Texture Effects ‘trial before buy’ challenge.  So for this challenge I thought I would do a complete comparison of using Lightroom and Topaz Effects and just using Topaz Effects.

This is the image I started out with… which was taken at Inveruglas on the edge of Loch Lomond in Scotland.


Topaz Texture Effects 2 Processing Technique

 Step 1 – Basic Adjustment Layer
  • Open image in Lightroom and Edited In Topaz Texture Effects without any Lightroom Adjustments using the SOOC image.
  • Add Basic Adjustment Layer – adjusted sliders.


Step 2 – Added Texture Adjustment
  • Using one of my own textures I added a brown/cream tinted texture


  • Enabled Masking and used the luminosity masking option


Step 3 – Added Blue Texture to Water
  • Added blue texture


  • Enabled masking and used luminosity masking


Step 3 – Added Vignette
  • Added a vignette using these settings


Step 4 Added a Basic Adjustment
  • Added a basic adjustment for Toning with these settings


Step 5 – Added a Basic Adjustment for Dodging
  • Added a basic adjustment for dodging using these settings


  • Enabled masking and inverted mask  and used the brush tool and altered the settings as I made my brush strokes.
Step 6 – Added Basic Adjustment for Burning
  • Added a basic adjustment for burning using these settings


Step 7 – Added Split Toning Adjustment
  • Added split toning using these settings


Step 8 – Dust and Scratches Adjustment
  • Added a dust and scratches layer to the whole image


  • Enabled Luminosity masking using these settings.


Step 9 – Created my own Preset.

  • I created my own preset for these settings by clicking Save so that I could use this preset again.

SOOC/Topaz Effects -vs- Lightroom Basic Adjustments/Topaz Texture Effects 2

I wanted to try the same processing technique using the same image but doing basic Lightroom adjustments  before editing in Topaz Effects.  And here is the result.


SOOC/Topaz Texture Effects 2 and Lightroom Basic Adjustments/Topaz Texture Effects  – Final Lightroom Edits

I wanted to also do a comparison of both images (SOOC and Lightroom basic edits) with added Lightroom Adjustments after Processing in Topaz Texture Effects 2 using the same Topaz Texture Effects 2 processing method as above.



On a personal note I love Topaz Texture Effects 2 for adding a texture to your photographs .. it is easy, fast and a versatile piece of software.  Excellent results can be achieved by either SOOC images or images that have had basic Lightroom/Photoshop/Camera Raw edits.  For me I do prefer to do some initial adjustments in Lightroom, before editing in Topaz Texture Effects 2.   And irrespective of whether I am in Lightroom or Photoshop… for adding textures to my photographs in the future, I will definitely be using Topaz Texture Effects 2 as I find this software achieves great results with ease of use.

I do hope this appraisal has helped you in some way and I think Topaz Texture Effects is a great addition to your software bundle.


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