Leeds Castle in Monochrome

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle
Monochrome photograph of Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent.

This photograph was processed using the same method I used yesterday for my Canary Wharf at night photograph.  And the method being this process was as follows:

  • Within Lightroom I took three photographs of different exposure times and opened them as layers in Photoshop.
  • I then aligned the layers using the auto-align feature
  • I then converted these layers to Smart Objects
  • Finally I then stacked these Smart Objects using the Median setting.

Once my photograph was done I then imported it back to Lightroom where I processed it.  Originally it started out as colour and ended up monochrome, then it went to a monochrome photograph with a tint.. and finally ended up with a tint and split-toning.

As I had originally started out with a colour photograph I then wanted to see what it would look like if I just hit the Colour button in the HSL/Color/B&W Panel in Lightroom.

Leeds Castle
A monochrome photograph of Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent.


I like what the reverse processing did.. but for me the saturation was way too much, so I just lowered the saturation a little.

Anyway that is all for this Friday and I hope you all have a good weekend… happy snapping xx

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