Apricot Roses



One of the things I love about photography is post-processing… and taking photos to a whole new dimension.  Lately I have been experimenting using Photoshop… which I am slowly becoming conversant with.

The above image started out… being rather bland and lacking colour.


And I wanted to make those roses more apricot in colour… so below is my processing techniques.

Lightroom Part 1

Spot Removal Tool

  • Spot removal on some blemishes of the roses..

Camera Calibration

  • Camera profile set to Camera Landscape

Basic Panel

  • Exposure lowered to -0.71
  • Contrast increased to +24
  • Highlights lowered to -52
  • Shadows increased to +38
  • Whites increased to +29
  • Blacks lowered to -38
  • Clarity set to +31

Details Panel

  • Sharpening set to 102
  • Edge Masking set to 76
  • Luminance Smoothing set to 12

Edited in Photoshop as a smart object





  • Added a gradient Fill Layer black to white – Soft Light blending mode and opacity set at 30%.
  • Created new layer, filled with white and added a cloud difference filter – Soft light blending mode and opacity set at 37% – layer mask created and using a soft brush (black) set at 82% opacity brushed over the roses – to remove the cloud difference from the roses.
  • Created a Colour Adjustment Layer and used an orange colour  – Colour blending mode used and an opacity of 53%
  • Saved image – which resulted in image being re-imported back into Lightroom.

Apricot Roses


Lightroom Part 2

Radial Filter

  • Added a radial filter and to create a vignette played around with the sliders until I achieved what I wanted.

Crop Tool

  • Cropped image so that the two roses were the subject of the photograph

Hue/Saturation/Luminance Panel

  • Red hue shift increased to +7
  • Red saturation shift lowered to -2
  • Orange hue shift lowered to -2

Radial Filters

  • Added several radial filters just to highlight the petals on the roses are various exposures.

Brush Tool

  • Added a couple of brush strokes as certain parts were of a pink shade… so I changed the temperature/tint so that these parts became more orange.

Spot Removal Tool

  • There was a small branch on the right-hand side of the photograph half way up… used the spot healing brush set to clone to remove the branch.

Details Panel

  • Sharpening set to 73
  • Edge masking set to 74
  • Luminance Smoothing set to 13

Effects Panel

  • Post-crop Vignette lowered to -55

Apricot Roses


A special thanks has to go to Paul Barson, who gave me the inspiration and the tip of how to use a Cloud Difference Filter and colour adjustment layers in your photograph … You can see more of Paul’s beautiful flower photography on his  Facebook Page.

Your comments are greatly appreciated

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