One Photo Focus – September – Balclutha


Well it is that time of the month again when we get the chance to edit a photograph in the One Photo Focus Challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer. A challenge that I love doing… especially when you see the other entries and how other people have edited the photograph.

This week I have two edits – one with a mermaid and one without.  The processing for both photographs was exactly the same… the mermaid was added at the end.  And here is how I edited the photograph:-

  • I started in Lightroom and added my Deep and Moody Preset
  • I played around with the radial filters
  • I then edited the image in Photoshop
  • Duplicated the layer and removed the guide ropes and buoy from the tall ship.
  • Added a Photo filter and applied a low density mask to the filter
  • I added an exposure adjustment layer and a graduated layer mask
  • I then played around with the hue and saturation
  • I then applied a texture to the whole photograph
  • My next task was to add a solid colour to the photograph and change the blending mode to colour and lowered the opacity of the mask
  • I then saved the photograph and when back in Lightroom did a few minimal adjustments and added a couple of radial filters.
RyanPhotography – One Photo Focus – September – Photo by Stacy P Fischer edited by RyanPhotography


For the mermaid Photo

  • I added a mermaid PNG found on Google…
  • I added a clipping adjustment layer to the mermaid to change the brightness and contrast
  • I then played around with the exposure of the mermaid using another clipping adjustment layer.

I have decided to submit the first photograph… the mermaid one was just for fun….

10 responses to “One Photo Focus – September – Balclutha”

  1. Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:


  2. Love what you did with this photo Bren and really like the one with the mermaid in it!😄


    1. Thank you xx I love experimenting with these challenges xx


  3. Nice edit, Bren. I like the “antique” tone you have given to the image.


  4. Both great edits, but I love the mermaid version!


    1. Thank you Marie… the mermaid one is growing on me xx


  5. Emilio Pasquale avatar
    Emilio Pasquale

    Love all your choices. I’ve often wanted to duplicate that brown (sepia?) tone to a color image of mine and then add a radial filter but it never works on mine. Guess I just don’t know the trick. But I love it!


    1. Thank you Emilio…. I think most of that sepia looking came from adding the texture… I also think it depends on the photo… sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I was ages trying to get the sort of look I wanted on some of my photos and when I achieved it.. I created a Lightroom Preset which I use as a starting point.


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