One Photo Focus – September – Balclutha


Well it is that time of the month again when we get the chance to edit a photograph in the One Photo Focus Challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer. A challenge that I love doing… especially when you see the other entries and how other people have edited the photograph.

This week I have two edits – one with a mermaid and one without.  The processing for both photographs was exactly the same… the mermaid was added at the end.  And here is how I edited the photograph:-

  • I started in Lightroom and added my Deep and Moody Preset
  • I played around with the radial filters
  • I then edited the image in Photoshop
  • Duplicated the layer and removed the guide ropes and buoy from the tall ship.
  • Added a Photo filter and applied a low density mask to the filter
  • I added an exposure adjustment layer and a graduated layer mask
  • I then played around with the hue and saturation
  • I then applied a texture to the whole photograph
  • My next task was to add a solid colour to the photograph and change the blending mode to colour and lowered the opacity of the mask
  • I then saved the photograph and when back in Lightroom did a few minimal adjustments and added a couple of radial filters.
RyanPhotography – One Photo Focus – September – Photo by Stacy P Fischer edited by RyanPhotography


For the mermaid Photo

  • I added a mermaid PNG found on Google…
  • I added a clipping adjustment layer to the mermaid to change the brightness and contrast
  • I then played around with the exposure of the mermaid using another clipping adjustment layer.

I have decided to submit the first photograph… the mermaid one was just for fun….

10 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – September – Balclutha

  1. Love all your choices. I’ve often wanted to duplicate that brown (sepia?) tone to a color image of mine and then add a radial filter but it never works on mine. Guess I just don’t know the trick. But I love it!


    1. Thank you Emilio…. I think most of that sepia looking came from adding the texture… I also think it depends on the photo… sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I was ages trying to get the sort of look I wanted on some of my photos and when I achieved it.. I created a Lightroom Preset which I use as a starting point.


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