Buttercup colour flowers

Buttercup Colour Flowers
Yellow Flower from Lullingstone Castle

A photograph of yellow flowers taken at Lullingstone Castle Word Gardens… what attracted me to these flowers was the buttercup colour of the petals.. The original photograph was shot slightly under-exposed and I was rather concerned as to whether I could bring it back in Lightroom and Photoshop…

Yellow Flowers
A photograph of yellow flowers taken in the World Gardens at Lullingstone Castle in Kent – Original SOOC Image

I did use my ‘Deep and Moody’ Preset and then sent the photo to Photoshop where I used the Spot Removal Tool to get rid of the blemishes in the petals.  I then played around with Nik Define Filters … and finally sharpened the image.

Once I was happy with that I sent the image back into Lightroom, where I added some more radial filters, played around with the tones and saturation and then used the local adjustment brush to remove any noise I could find, which was mainly around the edges of the petals in the dark shadowy areas of the image.

My final edit in Lightroom was to add a vignette and crop the image to a more pleasing aspect, whilst keep the original photos aspect ratio.

Wishing every one a great weekend xx and happy snapping. xx

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