Sheffield Park Gardens

Friday Quick Tip – Photoshop – Using Colour

You know how you want to intensify colours… and wish certain parts of an image were different layers…  well yes you can use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer or Levels and Curves… but I use the following method…

  • Create a new layer
  • Select Brush Tool
  • Choose Colour
  • Paint over areas with colour
  • Set blending mode to either ‘Soft Light’ or ‘Overlay
  • Use a mask to paint out bits where you don’t want the colour changed…

For this image I used the above method not once but with three different colours… one layer on the rocks, one layer for the trees and another layer for the sky.


Before Colour

Rocks before colour


After Colour


Rocks after Colour



Before Colour

Trees before colour



After Colour


Trees after colour




Before Colour


Sky before Colour


After Colour


Sky After Colour


I didn’t use a mask at all for the rocks, but I did for the sky and the trees… as you can see by my layers panel..

Layers for colour

I just love how this method makes certain colours pop… and here is the final image once I exported it from Photoshop back into Lightroom.

Sheffield Park Gardens
A landscape photograph of Sheffield Park Gardens taken in July 2012 just as the storm clouds started to arrive…

Once I was back into Lightroom I added a Serge Ramelli Preset called ‘Basic: Outdoor Warm Centre’. I played around then with the basic settings and the radial filters, where I played around with the location of the Radial Filters and the settings of each radial filter.  I then added a few brush strokes to lighten certain areas.. and below is the final image.

Sheffield Gardens - IMG_2470 - Framed


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