Hever Castle Lake

Hever Castle Lake

Hever Castle - More Swans



As you stroll around the grounds of Hever Castle in Kent… you come to this wonderful lake.. and what caught my eye was that red little building beside the lake.

Hever Castle

As you can see from the original photo there were some distractions and I knew I wanted to remove them.  So I did a couple of small spot removals using the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom.  Whilst in Lightroom I also added a Preset I have and played around with the sliders in the Basic Panel and the Split Toning Panel.

Hever Castle
Taken by Bren Ryan – Sent to Photoshop

That was it before I headed into Photoshop to take care of the those buoys and out of focus ducks…and some of the green foliage in the foreground..

Most of those distractions were taken care of using the Spot Healing Brush.  Once the distractions were removed I then added a texture layer to the photograph.  I then changed the mode blending style and to add some more impact I duplicated the texture layer and then lowered the opacity and changed the blending mode again. I also created a Curves Adjustment Layer and used a Luminosity Mask created by Lumenzia so that the curves adjustment only affected the parts of the photo I wanted it to affect.

And that was it for Photoshop, I saved it and it was automatically imported back into Lightroom.  Once it was back into Lightroom, I played around with some Graduated Filters and the sliders in the Basic Panel.  I then added a couple of Radial Filters and did some increase of exposure to the trees using the Local Adjustment Brush Tool. And then I decided it needed a frame… so off to the Print Module in Lightroom to frame my image..

Hever Castle Lake - IMG_7874 - Framed

But something wasn’t quite right… so I thought I would add a few more swans and ducks… now this was my first time of really adding things to an image.. so I apologise for it not being 100%… but you only learn by trying… and to be honest I quite like the photo now that there is more wildlife in it.

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