26 Weeks Letter Challenge: ‘M’ – Morris Motor


Doesn’t a week fly by so quickly? It hardly seems seven days since the last 26 Weeks Letter Challenge and the letter for this week is ‘M’.  Well the above photograph has four M’s in it…  It is a Morris Motor with Mirrors and is coloured Maroon.  I picture four M’s..  Once again thank you to Lori for hosting this challenge..


  1. Fabulous! Our neighbours had one like this when I was a wee girl. Not many people had cars around us. We were thrilled to sit in it and see the indicators stick out, (the car was stationary, we didn’t go anywhere!)


      1. I bet you wish you still had it. I had an old orange Beetle ( running boards etc) and how I wish I’d kept it in a garage somewhere so that ai could now have it restored, Nostalgia!


        1. Yes I still wish we had that.. you could store a lot of stuff in them.. an old friend of mine had an orange Beetle… we had some fun times in that… It is surprising how pricey these old cars are now..


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