Sheer Drop

Birling Gap

Birling Gap
Birling Gap


The above photograph was taken at Birling Gap in East Sussex, and was shot just by the houses that are very close to the cliffs edge.


As you can see from the SOOC photo, there is a fence post that is rather distracting and a piece of fencing that just doesn’t seem to belong there.. so I knew I had to use Photoshop to remove those parts.  But first in Lightroom, I did my basic edits.. Camera Calibration, Lens Profile and Chromatic Aberration.  I know I didn’t want to do too much to the photo before it went into Photoshop because most of my editing would be carried out later on.

Photo sent to Lightroom

Once I did those I went to the Basic Panel played with the White Balance, Shadows, Highlights, Exposure, Clarity, Vibrance, Contrast and Saturation Sliders.  My next task was to add some Sharpening, Masking and Noise Reduction in the Details Panel.  Then it was off to Photoshop to remove that post and fence.

Once I was in Photoshop, I duplicated the layer and using the Patch Tool and working in little sections I removed the post and fence.

4957 - Layers PanelMy next task was to add a curves layer, using Lumenzia for luminosity masking I only allowed my curves layer to affect the cliffs.  Again I used a Luminosity Mask to add a Photo Filter.  However on that mask I lowered the density of the mask to about 86%.

Again using Lumenzia I added some sharpening and used a radius of 3.0.  And that was it for Photoshop.. I had achieved as much as I had wanted so back into Lightroom, to do my more profound editing of the photo.

Originally I was going to use a Black and White Preset by Serge Ramelli… which was called Experimental: B&W Many Lights.  But there were far too many lights for my liking so what I did was copied the settings of that Preset minus the Radial Filters and Pasted them into my Photo. I then changed it from B&W to Colour.

Local Adjustments was added to the Sky to using the Temperature Slider and I added new brushes to the cliffs where I increased the Shadows and Exposure slightly.  I played around with the little bit of see using the Local Adjustment Brushes and finally I added a Graduated Filter to the outside of the photo using a cream colour.

In the Details Panel I added some more Sharpening, Masking and Noise Reduction.  My final edit was to add a small Vignette in the Effects Panel.

I wanted to create a HDR’ish type of photo only using a single image… and I think I did achieve that.  And here is the Final Image set in a Photo-Frame.

Sheer Drop IMG_4957-Framed


Your comments are greatly appreciated

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