Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 28 – Glorious

Hugh’s weekly Photo Challenge this week is all about ‘Glorious’.  Glorious can mean visual or sound… and I have picked two photos for this challenge.  The first being of wildflowers standing proud in the countryside on a glorious summer day when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

From the fields at Birling Gap

The second one was remembering sitting on a deck chair listening to the waves crashing in on the shoreline of Monterey Bay.


The above photo I produced in ON1 Effects and I wanted to create an old postcard looking feel to the photo.


  1. Thanks, Bren. These are great examples and I love what you have done with the last photo. Thank you so much for participating.
    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you for hosting the challenges… and you lovely comment.. I did that last one in Photoshop and ON1 Effects. I thought I’d try something new.


      1. I need to try photoshop and have a go at altering some of the photos I take. I bet it’s great fun to do.


        1. Oh I am learning something new each day… and it is great fun… I always start out in Lightroom and then go to Photoshop and from there using the Photoshop Plugins for ON1, Topaz or Nik…. I like Lightroom primarily because it is non-destructive and that is why I start off in Lightroom.


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