Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – ‘Vintage’

For Hugh’s weekly challenge I thought I would post three pictures taken at Chiddingstone Castle in Kent..  The theme was ‘Vintage’ and there is nothing quite like vintage than an old castle, with its stately rooms.


Chiddingstone Castle Interior Photography
Chiddingstone Castle


Within this formal sitting room just by the fireside was a table that had this wonderful bone china tea set on a silver tray with a silver hot water urn..

Chiddingstone Castle Interior Photography
Tea Tray


As we strolled around the gardens of Chiddingstone Castle, I photographed this old grass roller… my god I can remember my dad having one of these and using it to flatten the bumps in the lawn…

Taken by Bren Ryan


Even in today’s modern society, we don’t have to look too far to find something vintage… something that brings back wonderful memories.

4 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – ‘Vintage’

  1. Great photos for this week’s challenge, Bren. The black and white aspect of the first two make them look even more vintage. My dad also had one of those lawn rollers. I’d forgotten all about them until I read your post.
    Thanks for participating.


    1. Thank you Hugh for you comment… I know those lawn rollers were heavy old things… especially when used on a garden with a slope… I don’t know how my dad managed to keep dragging back up the garden.


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