Stranger on the Shore


Seven Sisters -IMG_4905-Final Image
Birling Gap

On Friday we went to Seven Sister and Birling Gap in East Sussex… I have to say the drive down there was beautiful as we headed through the Kent and East Sussex countryside… and the views from Birling Gap are astounding.

Seven Sisters - SOOC IMG_4905
Seven Sisters – SOOC

For the above image I wanted to create a dark image… with a lot of clarity and just a hint of saturation.  But my problem was with the sky.. firstly there was too much of it… so I did a few adjustments in Lightroom, basically in the Basic Panel.  And I cropped the image for a more pleasing composition.

After I did my crop I levelled  the photograph to make the horizon of the sea straight, using the Angle Slider in the Crop and Straighten Tool.  I also added a Landscape Profile in the Camera Calibration Panel.

4905 - Layers PanelMy next task was to export the photo to Photoshop, because I didn’t like the sky… I wanted to add some clouds… so I used one of my cloud overlays for the sky… masking the area where I wanted to add the clouds.

Once I was happy with that I played around with the Levels by using a Levels Adjustment Layer.  I then decided to add a Colour Lookup Adjustment Layer using a  3DLUT File Seven Sisters – SOOC IMG_4905 called Crisp-Warm.look.

After that I added two Photoshop Actions by Serge Ramelli called Bonus Portraits Warm Beauty and Bonus Portraits Selective Colour.

Seven Sisters - IMG_4905-After Photoshop Edits
After Photoshop Edits

Once I was happy with my image, I saved my image and it was automatically re-imported back into Lightroom.

One I was back into Lightroom, I added a Preset by Serge Ramelli called Tone:Bleak Mountains.  When I use another person’s Preset, I do like to make minor changes to it… as I only use their Preset as a starting point.

So in this particular Preset, I added a few Local Adjustments using the Brush Tool to increase the Exposure and Clarity in certain areas of the photograph.  After that I then played around with the Tint, Temperature and Saturation in the Basic Panel.  And that was it… other than that I did no more adjustments in Lightroom.

Seven Sisters -IMG_4905-Final Image
Birling Gap

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