Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Spot Removal

There you are doing spot removal and then you decide that you don’t like a certain selection that you have just done… For instance in the photograph below say I don’t like some of the spots at the top of the tree…

Initial spot removal

By right clicking on one of the edits you did using the Spot removal Tool, it only allows you to reset the whole of the spot removals you have just done.. which is not what you want.  The only option would be to go through them and delete them one by one… monotonous task to do especially if you have done a lot of edits..

reset spot removal

But with this quick tip… life gets a hole lot easier….  By pressing the ALT key (PC) or OPTION key (MAC) and the left button of your mouse… a pair of scissors will appear as you hover over  your photo in Lightroom; then you can draw a box over the area you want to delete the spot removals from.  Once you have made your selection, let go of your mouse button and the ALT or OPTION key and hey presto those spots you just selected are deleted.

Alt key

As you can see from the photo above I just deleted the Spot Removal Edits I did on the top of the tree.  (Note unfortunately I couldn’t screencap the scissors – but believe me they do appear)

Have a good weekend everyone xxx

4 responses to “Friday Quick Tip – Lightroom – Spot Removal”

  1. thegirlthatdreamsawake avatar

    Hi Bren:) do you do video tutorials ? say on youtube for example?


    1. No I don’t do video tutorials… I was thinking about doing them… at one stage.. but opted against it… as I thought you’d have to keep rewinding if you didn’t understand the step in the video.


  2. thegirlthatdreamsawake avatar

    Of course ! well i will read you tutorials on here 🙂


    1. Another great place to get Lightroom tips.. is from Lightroom Killer Tips I have picked up a lot of tips from them and from Laura Shoe


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