Ivory and Fuschia


Cream and Fuschia
Taken by Bren Ryan


One of the places we visited in San Francisco was the Conservatory of Flowers… if you ever go to San Francisco make sure you visit this place, especially if you like flowers.


Anyway for my Before and After for today, I chose a photo taken at Conservatory of Flowers… don’t ask me what flower it is … I don’t know šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

As you can see from my photograph on the right, that background was far too busy for my liking.. I wanted to concentrate on the beautiful flower itself and not the have the background distract you.

Layers Panel IMG0731So for my first basic edits in Lightroom, I did my usual, ‘Open up the shadows, take down the highlights, find my black and white point and added some clarity’.

I then sent the photo to Photoshop where I created a black background and cropped the image to a more pleasing aspect and filled.Ā  My crop left me with some white backgroundĀ so again I filled this with black.Ā  I then played around with the Levels and then sent my Image back into Lightroom. I also decided to flip the image in Photoshop.

Once I was back in Lightroom,Ā  I played around with the Saturation in the Colour Panel, mainly theĀ red and yellow coloursĀ and then added a few Radial Filters and a small Vignette.

Cream and Fuschia
Taken by Bren Ryan


I then decided to see what the photograph was like in Monochrome.

Cream and Fuschia
Taken by Bren Ryan


I like both images but I wanted to go further.. so I cropped the image to only show the centre part of the flower… firstly in colour.

Cream and Fuschia
Taken by Bren Ryan


And then in black and white


Cream and Fuschia
Taken by Bren Ryan


So from one image IĀ got four different images…


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