Hydrangea in Bud

Hydrangea in bud
Final Image


Normally I never shoot unless absolutely necessary in a ISO higher than 200… the above image was shot with an ISO of 400.. and there was some noise to the photograph.  Initially I thought I might bin it, but decided to play around with some Presets I have from Serge Ramelli – Golden Age and Western Bright.  I applied the Golden Age preset first and then the Western Bright.


Hydrangea in bud

When I applied the second preset, it caused the Radial Filters of the first preset to be overridden.  But by luck the two Graduated Filters that were created with the initial preset remained.   To these Graduated Filters I added another with a Blue Colour.

After that I re-positioned the Radial Filters to highlight the certain parts of the flower I wanted to brighten up.  I then added another Radial Filter which darkened the outside edges of the photograph.

As there was Split Toning applied with Western Bright preset, I played around with the Toning Hues and Saturation and the balance, until I achieved my desired look.  After that I decreased the Vignette in the Effects Panel and played around with the Dehaze slider.

There were a couple of little blemishes I didn’t like so with my Spot Removal Tool set to Heal I removed those blemishes.. and that was it, my next step was to export my photograph ready for uploading to the web, with my Watermark neatly positioned in the bottom right-hand corner.

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