Soft and Beautiful

Ivory Flowers
Taken by Bren Ryan

When we visited San Francisco last years, we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park… I have never seen such beautiful flowers… truly exquisite and delicate looking petals.

Ivory Flowers
Taken by Bren Ryan – SOOC

As you can see from the picture on the right…which is SOOC there is a dark mark and a very distracting background.  So the first thing I did in Lightroom was to crop the image to remove some of the background.

I then used the ‘Spot Removal Tool’ to remove that dark mark on the right hand side of the photograph.  After that I applied a Preset from Serge Ramelli called ‘SFX American Night Dark’.  I then played around with the sharpening and noise reduction in the ‘Details Panel’ and I zeroed out the ‘Grain’ which was automatically applied with the preset.  After that I played around with the ‘Balance’ in the ‘Split Toning Panel’ and then added a small ‘Radial Filter’ to one of the flowers where I increased the exposure and clarity slightly. I was happy with the results so I didn’t do anymore edits to the photo, except to add the ‘Watermark’ to the bottom left hand corner.

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