Surrounded by Bluebells

Surrounded by Bluebells
Taken by Ashley Ryan

Today I watched a video that was created by Laura Macky about replacing colours in an image.  And it was one from her expanding horizons tutorials.  I had never thought about using colour range to change parts of an image.   So I thought I would give it a go.  So first of all I did my usual edits in Lightroom by opening up the shadows and bringing down the highlights, finding my black and white point, adding some vibrance, saturation and clarity in the ‘Basic Panel’.


I then went to my ‘Lens Corrections Panel’ and ticked the boxes ‘Enable Profile Corrections’ and ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’. After that I went to my ‘Camera Calibration Panel’ and selected one of the profiles for my camera.  For this photograph it was the ‘Landscape Profile’.

After that I exported my image to Photoshop and then I followed the instructions in the video by Laura and changed the colour of the trunk of the tree.  I then changed the ‘Levels of the photograph by using a ‘Levels adjustment layer‘. Once I did that I then did the same with the colour of the bluebells except that I didn’t do another ‘Levels adjustment layer’. There were a couple of areas I didn’t like the leaves so I used ‘Spot Healing Brush’ to rectify those areas.

Once I was finished in Photoshop, I exported the photo back into Lightroom and played around with the sliders in the basic panel a little more.  After that I added ‘Graduated Filter’ with a cream tone by clicked on the grey area just beside the photo, so that the cream tone applied to all of the photo. I then did some ‘Dodging’ and ‘Burning’ using the ‘Local Adjustment Brush’ and then added a couple of ‘Radial Filters’ to lighten and bring up the clarity in certain parts of the photo.  After that I added a small ‘Vignette’, did some ‘Sharpening’ and ‘Cropped’ the photo to the size and composition I wanted.

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