Cala Lily

Cala Lily
Taken by Bren Ryan

The above picture is of a Cala Lily which was taken at Quex Park in Birchington, Kent. The grounds and gardens are beautiful at Quex Park and there are plenty of picnic areas and places for kids to run around.  And after you’ve visited Quex Park it isn’t too far to the beach… and on a bright, hot sunny day there is nothing like a paddle in the sea.

Cala Lily

The original as you can see had rather a lot of black blemishes on it.. and a wasp and bug that were lurking in the centre of the flower… so I sent the photo to Photoshop direct from Lightroom and using the ‘Spot Healing Tool’ I removed the black blemishes and the tail of the wasp and black bug.  After that I made ‘Black and White Adjustment Layer’ and I made the layer mask black by using ‘Control + I’ and then I painted away the parts  where I wanted the black and white.  My next task was to add a ‘Level Adjustment Layer and adjusted the levels.

After that I then sent the photo back into Lightroom where, I removed a couple of more blemishes I found and then I added some ‘Radial Filters where I increased the exposure in certain parts.  I then added another ‘Radial Filter’ where I unticked the ‘Invert Mask’ box and lower the exposure and reduced the clarity slightly.  After that I cropped the image to the size I wanted and then added a small vignette.

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