Grazing -IMG_4184-Edit
Taken by Ashley Ryan

When we went to Great Dixter in East Sussex on Saturday, just by the car park was this field that was full of grazing sheep.  I view was spectacular so I asked him indoors to do a panoramic.  So he took 10 shots for me so that I could create a panoramic photo in Photoshop.



In order for me to create this panoramic I exported these 10 photos from Lightroom to Photoshop to create this panoramic.  I could have created my Panoramic in Lightroom but there was some edits I wanted to do in Photoshop, so it was easier for me to allow Photoshop to create the panoramic.

Whilst in Photoshop I did a quick lens correction once the final photo was created and as you can see the sheep had numbers on them… and I didn’t want this so I used the ‘Spot Healing Tool’ to remove the numbers on the sheep.  As there was a vast amount of space in the foreground I copied and pasted one of the sheep onto a new layer and then flipped the sheep to face the other way.  Using the ‘Transform Tool’ I moved the sheep so it looked like it was standing on a bank.  Once I was happy with this I then sent the photo back into Lightroom to do my adjustments.

Taken by Ashley Ryan

Basic Panel - 4184

Once it was back into Lightroom, I then opened up the shadows, brought down the highlights, adjusted my black and white points and then added some clarity and reduced the saturation and played around with the temperature and tint sliders.

Split Toning - 4184

I then added some split toning and for these settings I used the same values as a Preset by Serge Ramelli.

Finally I added some radial filters, played around with the sharpening and noise reduction in the details panel and then played around with the masking levels..

I also added a graduated filter to they sky to where I increased the exposure to 0.41 and moved the temp slider to 37 and the tint slider 61.

graduated filter

My final edit  was to add a graduated filter to the right hand side of the picture, but instead of placing the filter on the photo itself I added it to the grey background and this ensured that only the final part of the graduation affected my photo.  For the graduated filter I used a colour to enhance the colours that were already there.

I really enjoyed playing around with this image, and it is amazing what you can achieve in Lightroom…. and for just under £9 a month, I wouldn’t be without it.  I am also finding that by using Photoshop more and more, I am to getting to the stage where it doesn’t frighten me to death.

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