Tip Toe Through The Tulips

Taken by Bren Ryan
Taken by Bren Ryan

The above photograph was taken at Merriment Gardens in East Sussex.. earlier this month… as you can see there are a couple of trunks that distracted your eye away from the tulips… so my first job in Lightroom was to clone those out using ‘Spot Removal Tool’.  After that I then cropped the image to the size I wanted.

My next set of actions was to do my edits in the ‘Basic Panel’ and for this I lowered the highlights, increased the shadows, added some contrast, decreased the exposure and found my white and black points.  After that I added some Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation.

In the ‘Tone Curve’ panel, I used a medium contrast setting and then went to the ‘Colour’ panel and played around the Luminance of the reds. I then added some ‘Split Toning’ using a golden colour for the highlights and a very blue/grey for the shadows.

Finally I added some detail and played around with the masking slider to only get the detail in the areas I wanted in the ‘Detail Panel’.  Then I did my usual ‘Lens Corrections’ by ticking the Profile and Remove Chromatic Aberration boxes.  After that I added a vignette in the ‘Effects Panel’ and then in the ‘Camera Calibration Panel’ I left the profile to Adobe Standard.

After I did those edits (as pictured above) I then added some radial filters to increase the exposure on the tulips themselves… for this I created three radial filters each one focussing on a different tulip.

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