Surfer Girl

Taken by Bren Ryan

Tonight I thought I would try something completely different… I wanted to push the limits and process a photo in a totally different style to what I normally do. The first objective was to find a photo to use … and I chose the above photograph which was taken back in September 2014 at Joss Bay…

Taken by Bren Ryan – SOOC

As you can see from the photograph on the right which is SOOC, there were some elements I wanted to remove, mainly the ship on the horizon and all of the surfers except for the girl that is just about to enter the water.

I started off in Lightroom and exported my photo into Photoshop, where I used the ‘Spot Healing Brush’ and ‘Patch Tool’. I already knew preset I was going to use once I returned the photograph back into Lightroom as I had already applied the preset before I sent it to Photoshop to see if that is what I wanted to create.

Taken by Bren Ryan – Preset Test

So I reset my photo, sent it to Photoshop and removed the objects I didn’t want. Then I re-imported the photo back into Lightroom and applied the preset I had chosen, which was one created by Serge Ramelli called ‘Tone: Bleak Mountains’ which comes from his Landscape collection.

I like the midnight blue tones of the preset.. but it wasn’t what I wanted to achieve.. so I altered the radial filter to remove the red tone that is in the clouds. I lighten certain areas down and reduce the clarity of water using the ‘Local Adjustment Brush. After that I added another radial filter to highlight the water and surfer girl… I then did some more dodging and burning on the cliff face. And I added some clarity to the buildings.

What I like about the final image is the midnight tones to the picture… Using another person’s presets, some might think, is cheating.. but I like to alter them to suit my style… I play around with the basic settings and any settings that are used via the radial filters and local adjustment brushes.

Sometimes it is nice just to try something new… and I thoroughly enjoyed processing this photo.

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