Hever Castle

Hever Castle in Kent

Hever Castle
Hever Castle

The above image is the final image which was mainly processed in Lightroom… however I did go to Photoshop to remove some elements of the photograph which I found distracting.

Taken by Bren Ryan

The picture on the right is the one straight out of camera… I started off by adding a Preset by Serge Ramelli called ‘B&W: Complexed Lighting’ from his ‘Landscapes’ collection of Presets.

Hever Castle

This gave me a black and white version (which is pictured on the left). I liked the black and white version which I think has a nice lighting effect, however, I wanted my final image to be in colour.

To achieve this I went to the ‘HSL/Color/B&W’ panel and changed it from B&W to colour. After it was converted to Colour I then changed the saturation of the Orange and the Yellow… by decreasing the saturation.

I then ticked the ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’ and ‘Enable Profile Corrections’ boxes and let Lightroom automatically correct the Upright Prospective by clicking on ‘Auto’.

Taken by Bren Ryan

I then sent the photograph to Photoshop where I removed the people that were standing on the draw bridge by using the ‘Patch Removal Tool’. I then saved the photograph and sent it back to Lightroom… I could have gone further in Photoshop by adding a cloud overlay but that would have taken away the lighting effect of the sky that was included in that Preset and it was that lightening effect that drew me towards that Preset in the first place.

Once the photograph was back in Lightroom I then added a couple of radial filters to lighten certain areas of the photograph.. mainly on the castle and the big patch of grass. Upon doing that I decided I didn’t like the flagpole so I removed .the flagpole and flag using ‘Spot Removal Tool’.

Also there was a blue and white umbrella thing just by the bench and I removed that again by using the ‘Spot Removal Tool’.

After I did that I then lightened up a couple of areas using the ‘Local Adjustment Brush’ and then I decided to add some split toning to the picture, which gave me my final image.

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