Watermarking Your Photographs in Lightroom

Lightroom Edits

I thought I would create this tutorial, simply because a friend of mine had asked for advice on how to watermark and export their photographs in Lightroom and what I do when I export my photographs.  First of all I start in the Lightroom Library panel and the first thing I look at is the File Name.

As I use the file name when I export my photographs.

In this instance below the original photograph had a massive name and I wanted to simplify the name so I just typed in the file name what I wanted to now call the file.

My next alteration is in the Title and Caption boxes

Title and Caption

I then add the title of the photograph and as I like to display on my blog which one of us took the photograph I put in our names and if you post using WordPress then WordPress uses the Caption information put in Lightroom as the Caption information on your images in WordPress.

Title and Caption 2

Then I do the keywords and colour label my photograph as to the appropriate colours that I use.

Creating your WaterMark

Text Version

Whilst you are still in the Library Module of Lightroom Click on Edit and then Edit Watermarks.  A box will appear with all the options available for adding a text or graphic for your watermark.  I have used the text version for this tutorial.

Text Watermark

You can play around with the sliders until you achieve a watermark that you are happy with. …

Once you are satisfied with your watermark which you can preview as you change sliders etc…. click SAVE

Save Preset

A box will appear for you to name your preset for this tutorial I named my ‘Test Watermark’.

Once you click on Create new Preset the boxes will disappear and your watermark is now created.

If you have a graphic watermark you want to use… just click on Graphic and box will appear for you to locate your graphic. Once you have located your graphic click on it  and then Lightroom will upload your file … if you use a graphic remember to create your graphic watermark with a transparent background and when you click Graphic you can’t put in added Text as the box is greyed-out

Graphic Watermark

The save your Watermark using the save button and naming your new preset.

NB  Once you have created your watermark should you wish to go back to your watermarks by clicking Edit and then Edit watermarks.  Click on the watermark you wish to edit

Watermark edit

And the moment you change any of the sliders the watermark will have (edited) appear next to it.  Once you are happy with your changes click on the drop down arrow and select the option to update watermark with current settings or create new preset.

On a personal note, I have created two presets one with the WM on the Left Hand Bottom and the second with the WM on the right hand bottom.  Then when I create my export presets I can create two export presets one for displaying my watermark on the left hand bottom and the other for displaying my watermark on the right hand bottom.  So when I export a photograph I can chose either export preset for my photograph.

Next Tutorial – Creating an Export Preset using your watermarks


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