Creating Export Presets using your Watermarks for the web.

Now you have created your watermarks using this tutorial it is time to create your Export Presets.

Go to one of your photos in the Library module and right click, Select Export and Export (as highlighted in blue)

Right click

This will then bring up the export box

The first take in the Export Location box is to decide which folder you want your exported photographs to be saved in

Export to menu

For this tutorial I want my exports to go to one folder.. so I select Specific Folder where I want to save my folders

Export Location

I don’t want that folder to be added to my Catalogue in Lightroom room so I make sure that box is not checked.  And as I do not want to use a folder within a folder again I don’t put a check mark in the Put in Subfolder box.

Next is the File Renaming section.

Up until recently I did not check this box.. but upon reading a post on a blog the other day, someone said that Google doesn’t like reading picture file numbers, so they rename their files to include the words of the subject.  So I have now decided to rename my photographs.

Now this is where your filename and title as discussed in the previous tutorial comes into force.

Check mark your File renaming box and on the drop down menu select edit.

Rename to Edit

Click on Edit and the Filename Template Editor will pop up

Filename Template Editor

In the box delete {Filename} and using the insert buttons select Title (space) Filename

tile and file name

Next on the dropdown menu at the top and select Save current settings as a new Preset

Save current settings as a new Preset

A new box will appear to name your preset

naming new preset

I have called mine test filename and then click create and then done.

Then in the file renaming box click your new preset name

renaming box

The next setting is called File Settings

File settingAs my photos are going on the web I select jpg format and sRGB

In the next box I resize my images again using the drop down menus.  For the web I find 1000 pixels in adequate.

Image sizing

The next box is Output Sharpening

I select screen if I am posting on the web and then standard amount.

Output sharpening

The next box is Metadata

I want to include my info… of who took the photograph etc… I want RyanPhotography set as the copyright so I make sure that those boxes are not checked.


 Next comes the Watermarking and this is where you use your Warmark template as created in the previous tutorial.


The final box Post Processing I always leave as Do Nothing.

Post processing

Now before I click export, I want to save this export as a preset for any future photos I want to put on my blog so I click on Add on the left hand side

add preset

 Once I click Add a box will appear to name my new Export Preset

naming preset

I will click create and my new preset will appear under User Presets.

After I have created my Export Preset I then click Export and my photograph already for the web will appear in my selected folder with my watermark added.

New Preset in User Presets

So the next time I want to export another photograph using the exact same details I then go to my photograph right click select export and then the preset I have just created.

Export using preset

And Lightroom will automatically export my photograph.

Earlier on in this tutorial I spoke about creating Presets for various locations on your photograph… I use left bottom and right hand bottom for mine.  So if you do create different watermarks for where you want your photographs a quick tip in creating another export preset for your watermark to appear somewhere else.. is to right click on your photo and select Export and then Export like we did at the beginning of this tutorial.

Right click

Go down to the watermarking box and select your other Watermark Template that you created and then click Add and name your new Preset

add preset

Then click add and save your new Preset like you did before.

Export Preset - Right hand botton

As you can see I have presets set up for various things

Export using preset

An the two I use mainly are Export – WM – RB for exporting a photograph for web use with the watermark on the right bottom and Export WM – LB for exporting for web use with the watermark on the left bottom.

I hope this tutorial has helped you to create Export Presets to make it easier for you to export your images for use on your blog.  Export Presets can be used for anything… just play around with the settings in the Export Panel and you can create presets for printing.. for the web… for absolutely anything you choose to do.


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