Bridge at the Venetian

Taken by Bren Ryan

The above was taken during our stay in Las Vegas in May last year. I can’t believe a year has now gone by .. The Venetian Hotel is spectacular… especially inside with its replica of St Mark’s Square. Even though you are inside a hotel… with the blue clouded ceiling that has slight movement to it.. it feels as if you are outside.

I wanted to take the image much further after watching a video this afternoon…about layer masks and how you can use the ‘Apply Image’ to a layer mask.

As you can see from my layers panel on the right, I followed the instructions given in the video to add the ‘Apply image’ to the layer mask.

What I wanted to achieve was the hint of a texture and to add some rich golden tones to the image. I have tried something like this before but never realised that I could have so much more control over the image. God knows what I did before but believe me the photo was a complete mess and I just gave up.

I am still learning Photoshop… as I am a Lightroom Gal myself… but with the powers of Photoshop and Lightroom at an affordable price for their Photographer’s package.. well time has come to really jump in and learn Photoshop.

I do hope you like what I did with the image in Photoshop.. I love the muted tones of the original photo but I also love the vibrancy of these golden tones.

Have a happy Easter everyone xx

Taken by Bren Ryan

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