Power of Lightroom…

Canary Wharf

The above photograph was taken at North Greenwich overlooking the River Thames towards Canary Wharf… and it was one of our very first night time photography shoots we did. At the moment I am battling a PMR Flare-up and finding it difficult to move yet alone hold a camera… so our photography outings are very, very limited.

Anyway tonight I am suffering one of my ‘can’t sleep’ nights due to hips and knees aching and as my hands are not too bad tonight I thought I would try and process a photograph.

This is the straight out of camera (SOOC) photograph without any processing which was shot in RAW format.

Taken by Bren Ryan

Lately on my last few photos I have been adding split-toning and I like this form of processing so applied it to the above image. The first thing I do when processing any photo now is once I am in the develop module in Lightroom I go to the Camera Calibration panel and select a profile. Once I have found one I like I then go to the Lens Corrections Panel and tick the ‘Enable Profile Corrections’, ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’ and ‘Constrain Crop’ boxes. Then I will adjust the photograph perspective by normally clicking the ‘Auto’ button. But on the above photograph as the buildings were prominent I clicked the ‘Vertical’ button instead.

Then to the processing of the photograph… I added colour, lowered the highlights, increased the shadows, added some colour to the sky and then some dodging and burning…

The powers of Lightroom are phenomenal… and as the program is ‘non-destructive’ you can edit your photos to your hearts delight without having the fear of ruining your original photos.

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