Water cascade – Sheffield Park Gardens

Water Cascade

The above photograph was taken on Saturday at Sheffield Park Gardens, in East Sussex and is of a metal bridge that spans the cascading water from one lake to a lower lake.

The colours were vibrant and I wanted to enhance those colours… so I thought I would add a texture… to bring out the fall colours. Which was great but what I didn’t want was the texture to take over the sky… Anyway on Facebook, one of the pages that I do follow is Digital Photography School and they have tutorials all about photography and they have wonderful Photoshop tutorials. The tutorial they posted today was about using the ‘Blend if’ mode in Photoshop.

And so I decided to see what ‘Blend if’ mode could do when using textures… I watched the video a couple of times.. and then when I added my texture like I normally do and used the multiply blend mode… I then followed the video until I got the texture out of the sky… but still left the colouring. I then lowered my opacity to 76% of the texture layer to 76% and removed some texture from the actual cascading water. Then I reimported the photo back into Lightroom and added some finer adjustments. I loved how the texture enhanced the colours of the trees and I have to say I definitely will be using the ‘Blend If’ mode a whole lot more.

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