One Photo Focus – Hosted by Stacy Fischer

Original Photograph Benjamin Rowe – Edited by RyanPhotography

Just the other day I stumbled across a Photo Challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing.  The challenge is to take a photograph submitted by another photographer and process it in your own style.  The original photograph (set of 3 autobracketed photos) was submitted by Benjamin Rowe of Aperture 64 and I wanted to give this photograph more clarity and try something I haven’t tried before really and that is split toning.  If I have split toned a photo it has been very minimal and it is something that I really wanted to try again.

To process this photo I did some minor adjustments in Lightroom and then exported the three files to Photomatix Pro and created a HDR image.  I didn’t make many adjustments in Photomatix, before reimporting it back into Lightroom.  I added some clarity to the castle… cropped the photograph and then added brightness to the white clouds… after I finished doing some minor adjustments yet again.. I added a Cyan and Yellow Split Tone.

What I love about the photograph is the drama in the clouds and and how the castle uses the dramatic clouds as a wonderful backdrop.  It is a beautiful photograph and I hope I have given it justice.


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