Taken by Bren Ryan


Well you have all guessed by now, my forte in Photography is fine-art… I love adding texture and I love playing around in Photoshop.  But one of the things that I find hard is masking, especially when you get a landscape photograph with lots of trees and lots bushes, and how to refine that mask.

Well Serge Ramelli (whose work I love and who has taught me so much about Lightroom and Photoshop) posted up a video on Youtube about blending multiple exposures and getting the best from each exposure.

So after watching that video, it got me thinking…if he can use the ‘Apply Image’ command for multiple exposures, can I use the ‘Apply Image’ command in Photoshop on a layer mask and whether it would work for doing textured photography?

Well there is only one way to try so last night I created an image called the Bird Table and it worked.  But then came the burning question, what I did with that image, was it a fluke? Or was it practical to do it this way?  So the only way to see whether it would work would be to try this method using another image.

This is the image I started with

Taken by Bren Ryan
Taken by Bren Ryan

layersFrom Lightroom I edited it in Photoshop… using the same principle of ‘Apply Image’ that Serge spoke about in his video.  I duplicated the layer, created a mask and then went to Image and selected ‘Apply Image’, which ultimately created the image mask.

White Reveals Black Conceals

When it came to adding the texture… I placed and transformed the size of the texture to cover my image.  I then pressed Control (PC) and Clicked with my mouse.. on the mask I created using the apply image technique (Layer 1). Remembering the rule of masking ‘White Reveals – Black Conceals’. Then I went to my texture layer and added a layer mask… an exact copy of the ‘Apply Image’ mask was created on my texture layer.  I then changed the opacity of the layer mask and removed the texture from the Gazebo roof.

I then did a few adjustments in Photoshop and when I achieved this result I saved it and the image got automatically transferred back into Lightroom.

Taken by Bren Ryan
Taken by Bren Ryan

Once it was imported back into Lightroom, I did a few minor tweaks and this is the final image..

Taken by Bren Ryan
Taken by Bren Ryan

I just love how using the ‘Apply Image’ command in Photoshop only adds the texture to certain areas… and how it creates the mask..  So twice it has worked and I think I might just go on using this technique in future photographs where I add a texture.

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