Lets have some orb fun…


Photography isn’t just about going out and snapping photographs and posting them on a blog… photography has to be about fun… enjoyment and experimentation. Now experimentation doesn’t just to have to be achieved with holding a camera in your hand.  It can be about using Photoshop to have some fun.

Take this image for instance…

img_8775How can I make an orb…

Firstly I open up the image in Photoshop.  Using the crop tool and selecting the 1:1 (Square) ratio, I select the part of the image I want…

initial-imageThen I click on Filter, select Distort and then Polar Coordinates, which will then bring up another window.  I then select Polar to Rectangular and OK and that gives me this image.


Then I Select Image and Image Rotation and Select Flip Canvas Vertical, which gives me this.


Then I go back to Filter, select Distort again and Polar Coordinates which brings up another window where I change the setting to Rectangular to Polar and select OK.

And that gives me the final orb….


Here are the instructions.

  • Crop image to 1:1 (square) Ratio
  • Filter ► Distort ► Polar Coordinates…. ► Polar to Rectangular ► OK
  • Image ► Image Rotation ► Flip Canvas Vertical
  • Filter ► Distort ► Polar Coordinates…. ► Rectangular to Polar ► OK

Here are a few Orbs I have just created using the above instructions.

From this

img_9150-editTo this…


From this


To this


From this

Vase of Flowers

To this


From this


To this


And what would happen if you didn’t keep the 1:1 ratio and used a portrait ratio? I tried it with the yellow flower and got this effect.



And for a landscape ratio I got this effect..



4 responses to “Lets have some orb fun…”

    1. You are welcome xx


  1. WOW!!! Bren I absolutely love love love this technique! I just have to get some pictures and try this. I love flowers anyway, but can easily see how this can be adapted to so many things, however the color is incredible in flowers. Thanks so much for sharing this !


    1. You are welcome Mitchell, hope you are keeping well xx


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